About Friggi Salmon Flies

Friggi salmon fly is one of Iceland’s best kept secret weapons. The fly was created by Baldur Hermannsson tying a fly in memory of his departed brother Fridrik Hermannsson, also known as Friggi, who was the first to try the fly successfully.

Initially the fly was mainly exposed to Icelands rivers fishing for Atlantic salmon, which is where international anglers have become aware of its effectiveness  These days the Friggi has found its way all over the world used by many anglers across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, England and Russia.

Baldur Hermannsson, a passionate angler and salmon fishing guide, always recommends to choose the size of the Friggi according to a rivers condition and volume of water. 

Sadly there have been many fake imitations flooding the market, however those who have seen an original and witnessed the fly’s unique mobility in a rivers current, understand with which craftsmanship and obsession Baldur ties this unique design. Each fly goes through Baldur Hermannson´s own very hands.